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collaborative robot base parts and accessories

45 Degree Base


For optimum reach you often need to mount a robot on a 45 degree angle. Our 45 degree base provides a quick bolt on option for your Universal Robot. It’s modular design will accommodate a UR3, UR5, or UR10 robot (CB3 and E series). The base is constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum and powder coated CobotDepot […]

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collaborative robot parts and accessories hub

Accessory Hub – UR


CobotDepot’s UR accessory hub gives you a easy foundation to attach accessories to your robot and still be able to use the mounting hub. This product is great if you want to use a gripper, but also need to attach other accessories as well. Vision systems and air nozzles for chip blow off work great […]

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Disposable Robot Dust Covers (6 pack)


Disposable dust covers specifically designed for Universal Robot. Easy to install and does not hinder range of motion. These covers are intended to protect the robot in dusty or dirty work environment. These covers are not waterproof and will not significantly resist chemical intrusion. The covers work great in painting or glueing applications where over-spray […]

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cobotdepot collaborative robot duel gripper bracket

Duel Gripper Bracket


Often in machine tending applications you need to have two grippers mounted to the same robot. One gripper removes a part and another gripper places a part. Our duel gripper bracket makes it possible to easy install two grippers onto the same robot. The bracket is designed to mount directly to a UR robot and […]

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collaborative robot end of arm extension accessories

End of Arm Extension – UR


Our line of end-of-arm extensions allow your robot to get to those hard to reach places. These extensions are ideal for reaching into boxes or deep into a machine. We carry extensions in modular lengths, or they can be custom built to your specific needs. Each extension is made with two 6061-T6 aluminum hubs designed […]

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Igus Cable Management Kits – UR Robot


Do you have a bunch of wires and airlines zip tied to your robot? Don’t be that guy. You need our cable management kit specifically designed for your Universal Robot. With our kit you can put all of your hoses and wire in a clean looking conduit that moves with the robot. We combine Igus […]

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cobotdepot l bracket robot

L Bracket – UR


A robot is only as good as the accessories you mount to it. And therein lies the problem. How do you mount accessories to your robot? The CobotDepot L Bracket gives you a easy method for adapting your specific tool to a collaborative robot. Our bracket is designed to match the mounting pattern of a […]

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Magnetic Gripper Kit-UR


These magnetic grippers are great for picking up ferrous metal parts. Our friends at EMI have created a cool Magnetic Gripper Kit for the UR platform. The magnet is engaged/disengaged pneumatically with a simple double acting valve which can be easily controlled via the UR robots available IO. The Kit includes: Magnetic Gripper Holding Force: […]

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Pendant Armor – UR Robot (e-Series)


Manufactured from Santoprene™ rubber, this bumper provides excellent protection for the UR teach pendant if accidentally dropped from heights of up to 1.5m. Santoprene™ is immune to water, most water-based cleaning agents, and features “excellent” resistance to most industrial lubricants, coolants and cutting fluids. The bumper is custom-molded to the teach pendant’s exterior shell, and […]

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Collaborative Robot

Pneumatic Valve Kit


This is our one size fits all pneumatic valve kit specifically designed to tie into your Universal Robot. It includes everything you need to give your UR robot pneumatic capability all on one clean panel. All you have to do is plug into any available outputs on your robot  and you are ready to go. […]

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collaborative robot quick disconnect

Quick Disconnect Robot Base Kit -UR Robot


One of the cool things about a collaborative robot is that they are light and easy to move around. However, it’s a pain to unbolt the robot from one station and then have to bolt it in at another location. Not to mention that you compromise the repeatably of you program every time you move […]

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Quick Disconnect Tool Changer


If you need to quickly change tooling on your collaborative robot and don’t want to hassle with bolting and unbolting, than the Gimatic Quick Changer is what you need. This quick change system is designed specifically for collaborative robots using an ISO 50 tool flange (50mm bolt pattern w/6mm bolts). All it takes is a […]

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Robot Base

Robot Base Extension


Sometime you need to get your robot up in the air. CobotDepot’s line of base extensions solve that problem. Our bases come in nominal lengths up to 48″ or they can be custom built to any custom length. Our bases are modular and can accommodate all three sizes of UR Robots. Each base is constructed […]

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Robot Fixture Table


One of the hardest parts of any robot application is presenting parts to the robot. To solve this problem, CobotDepot offer a line of Isel modular fixturing tables. These tables provide a solid mounting base for your robot and any fixturing or tooling you need to make your robot system work. The table top is […]

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SGP Pneumatic Gripper Kit – UR


The Pneumatic SGP High Precision Gripper Kit for Universal Robots by EMI is a double-acting parallel gripper ideal for high precision applications such as insert loading or pick-and-place applications that require a high level of accuracy. With blank finger-mounting jaws, the possibilities are virtually endless with the ability to use custom fingers that fit your […]

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collaborative robot sprader bar

Spreader Bar


CobotDepots’ Spreader bar attachments allow you to really get creative with gripper mounting. The quad pattern is great for picking boxes or large flat products with a vacuum system. The spreader bar is made with G10 phenolic which has the strength of aluminum at half the weight. This product may be customized to your specific […]

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