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I/O Breakout Board

I/O Break Out Board


This little board was specifically designed to make it easier to wire up multiple field sensors. This is sometimes call a distributed IO board. The advantage of our IO board is that it can be used in a number of different application and does not require field wireable plugs. The idea is you can have multiple sensors plug into the board and supply power to all of them via one conductor. Each board has a 24V and 0V buss to distribute power to all of your IO points. Our board can support up to 10 points. Each point is good for 1.2A and the board is good for 2.4A total. The board comes with DIN rail clips, and can be ordered with or without an enclosure. The board also has open pins for wiring in LED/resistors or jumpers.

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Collaborative Robot

Pneumatic Valve Kit


This is our one size fits all pneumatic valve kit specifically designed to tie into your Universal Robot. It includes everything you need to give your UR robot pneumatic capability all on one clean panel. All you have to do is plug into any available outputs on your robot¬† and you are ready to go. […]

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Universal Robot I/O Kit

Universal Robot I/O Connector Kit


This kit included all of the connectors for the UR’s I/O interface. The robot already comes with a set of connector, so why would you every need another set? Let’s say you are taking full advantage of your collaborative robot and are moving it around your shop to different stations. If each station has some […]

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