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collaborative robot base parts and accessories

45 Degree Base


For optimum reach you often need to mount a robot on a 45 degree angle. Our 45 degree base provides a quick bolt on option for your Universal Robot. It’s modular design will accommodate a UR3, UR5, or UR10 robot (CB3 and E series). The base is constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum and powder coated CobotDepot […]

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collaborative robot quick disconnect

Quick Disconnect Robot Base Kit -UR Robot


One of the cool things about a collaborative robot is that they are light and easy to move around. However, it’s a pain to unbolt the robot from one station and then have to bolt it in at another location. Not to mention that you compromise the repeatably of you program every time you move […]

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Robot Base

Robot Base Extension


Sometime you need to get your robot up in the air. CobotDepot’s line of base extensions solve that problem. Our bases come in nominal lengths up to 48″ or they can be custom built to any custom length. Our bases are modular and can accommodate all three sizes of UR Robots. Each base is constructed […]

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Robot Fixture Table


One of the hardest parts of any robot application is presenting parts to the robot. To solve this problem, CobotDepot offer a line of Isel modular fixturing tables. These tables provide a solid mounting base for your robot and any fixturing or tooling you need to make your robot system work. The table top is […]

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UR20 Stand

UR 20/ UR 30 Stand


This stand is specifically designed for the Universal Robots UR20. The UR20 is a big robot that requires a beefy, ridged base that can handle the ware and tear of a 35Kg payload robot. Default color is blue.

Stand can be made to any height or color. Please call for custom heights.

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