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Magnetic Gripper Kit-UR

These magnetic grippers are great for picking up ferrous metal parts. Our friends at EMI have created a cool Magnetic Gripper Kit for the UR platform. The magnet is engaged/disengaged pneumatically with a simple double acting valve which can be easily controlled via the UR robots available IO. The Kit includes:

  • Magnetic Gripper
    • Holding Force: 22.4lbf*
    • Residual holding force when not engaged: .06lbf
  • UR Compatible Mounting Bracket
  • 5/2 Solenoid Valve
  • Cable Management Strap
  • UR Caps Dongle for easy setup

*Holding force does not include factor of safety and is based on a 2mm material thickness


40lb magnet also available. Contact CobotDepot


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