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Magnetic Gripper Kit-UR


These magnetic grippers are great for picking up ferrous metal parts. Our friends at EMI have created a cool Magnetic Gripper Kit for the UR platform. The magnet is engaged/disengaged pneumatically with a simple double acting valve which can be easily controlled via the UR robots available IO. The Kit includes: Magnetic Gripper Holding Force: […]

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OnRobot RG2 Gripper


OnRobot’s servo driven gripper offers tremendous flexibility and control. Gripper opening, force, and speed can all be controlled from a custom built app that works directly with the Universal Robots user interface. The OnRobot gripper is also unique in that it will interface directly with the I/O port on the wrist of the Universal Robot. […]

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Robotiq Gripper – UR Kit


Robotiq grippers represent the most versatile and adaptive  gripper on the market today. This servo driven gripper can be adjusted for grip force, grip speed and grip size. The functionality of the gripper is further augmented by a custom built app that interfaces with the Universal Robot’s user interface. If you are looking for a […]

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SGP Pneumatic Gripper Kit – UR


The Pneumatic SGP High Precision Gripper Kit for Universal Robots by EMI is a double-acting parallel gripper ideal for high precision applications such as insert loading or pick-and-place applications that require a high level of accuracy. With blank finger-mounting jaws, the possibilities are virtually endless with the ability to use custom fingers that fit your […]

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SX2520 Pneumatic Gripper Kit – UR


This Gimatic Gripper Kit put together by EMI is a versatile and easy to use gripper solution that bolts directly to your UR and comes with everything you need to get working right out of the box. The Kit comes with the following: Gimatic Two Jaw Pneumatic Gripper – SX2520 Opening Force @ 87 psi:  […]

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3 jaw gripper

SXT2505 Pneumatic 3 Jaw Gripper Kit – UR


The SXT gripper kit by EMI uses a concentric, powerful 3-jaw gripper ideal for machine tending and general handling of cylindrical workpieces. Made out of high-quality machined components with an IP67 protection class, the SXT Gripper is ideal for a variety of industrial applications. EMI’s pre-assembled SXT Gripper Kit is easy to set-up, operate and […]

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