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Quick Disconnect Robot Base Kit -UR Robot

One of the cool things about a collaborative robot is that they are light and easy to move around. However, it’s a pain to unbolt the robot from one station and then have to bolt it in at another location. Not to mention that you compromise the repeatably of you program every time you move your robot. CobotDepot has the solution! Our quick disconnect robot base allows you to easily move your robot from one station to the next without loosing your program base position. Our quick disconnect base can accommodate all three sizes of UR robots.

Kit includes:

  • Qty. 1 Robot side Base (UR3 or UR5/UR10)
  • Qty. 1 Table side Base
  • Robot mounting hardware
  • Drill templet

Individual components my be purchased separately. Contact CobotDepot for your exact needs

Kit ships in 10 days.


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