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collaborative robot quick disconnect

Quick Disconnect Robot Base Kit -UR Robot


One of the cool things about a collaborative robot is that they are light and easy to move around. However, it’s a pain to unbolt the robot from one station and then have to bolt it in at another location. Not to mention that you compromise the repeatably of you program every time you move […]

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Quick Disconnect Tool Changer


If you need to quickly change tooling on your collaborative robot and don’t want to hassle with bolting and unbolting, than the Gimatic Quick Changer is what you need. This quick change system is designed specifically for collaborative robots using an ISO 50 tool flange (50mm bolt pattern w/6mm bolts). All it takes is a […]

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Cable Management

Reiku Cable Management System


This is Reiku’s entry into the Universal Robots cable management game. This robust design provided hard core metal mount points on the robot as well as a tool flange mount. This prevents the cable enclosure from sliding around during full articulation.  CobotDepot is offering this cable management system in a ultra slim 17mm ID. This […]

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Robot Base

Robot Base Extension


Sometime you need to get your robot up in the air. CobotDepot’s line of base extensions solve that problem. Our bases come in nominal lengths up to 48″ or they can be custom built to any custom length. Our bases are modular and can accommodate all three sizes of UR Robots. Each base is constructed […]

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Robotiq Gripper – UR Kit


Robotiq grippers represent the most versatile and adaptive  gripper on the market today. This servo driven gripper can be adjusted for grip force, grip speed and grip size. The functionality of the gripper is further augmented by a custom built app that interfaces with the Universal Robot’s user interface. If you are looking for a […]

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SGP Pneumatic Gripper Kit – UR


The Pneumatic SGP High Precision Gripper Kit for Universal Robots by EMI is a double-acting parallel gripper ideal for high precision applications such as insert loading or pick-and-place applications that require a high level of accuracy. With blank finger-mounting jaws, the possibilities are virtually endless with the ability to use custom fingers that fit your […]

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collaborative robot sprader bar

Spreader Bar


CobotDepots’ Spreader bar attachments allow you to really get creative with gripper mounting. The quad pattern is great for picking boxes or large flat products with a vacuum system. The spreader bar is made with G10 phenolic which has the strength of aluminum at half the weight. This product may be customized to your specific […]

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Cable management

Strap On Cable Management Kit – UR


Are you the guy who pays $50K for a robot system and then zip ties your EOAT cables to the robot? Don’t be that guy. No one likes that guy. Check out our Strap On Cable Management System. It creates a clean looking and flexible alternative to the zip tie approach and come at an […]

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SX2520 Pneumatic Gripper Kit – UR


This Gimatic Gripper Kit put together by EMI is a versatile and easy to use gripper solution that bolts directly to your UR and comes with everything you need to get working right out of the box. The Kit comes with the following: Gimatic Two Jaw Pneumatic Gripper – SX2520 Opening Force @ 87 psi:  […]

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3 jaw gripper

SXT2505 Pneumatic 3 Jaw Gripper Kit – UR


The SXT gripper kit by EMI uses a concentric, powerful 3-jaw gripper ideal for machine tending and general handling of cylindrical workpieces. Made out of high-quality machined components with an IP67 protection class, the SXT Gripper is ideal for a variety of industrial applications. EMI’s pre-assembled SXT Gripper Kit is easy to set-up, operate and […]

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Teach Pendant Screen Cover – UR Robots e-Series only


Protective screen overlay for protecting the teach pendant screen from scratches. Shipped pre-formed to the e-series teach pendant screen size and guaranteed to function with the capacitive display. This 0.2mm glass overlay protects the screen from abrasion, oils, greases, chemicals and moderate impacts. Screen protector is chemically tempered and is designed to shatter (in place) […]

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cobotdepot collaborative robot tee bracket

Tee Bracket


Your Robot is only as good as the accessories you mount to it. And there in lies the problem. How do you mount accessories to your robot? Our Tee Bracket gives you a easy method for adapting your specific tool to your Universal Robot. Our bracket is designed to match the mounting pattern of your […]

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Universal Robot I/O Kit

Universal Robot I/O Connector Kit


This kit included all of the connectors for the UR’s I/O interface. The robot already comes with a set of connector, so why would you every need another set? Let’s say you are taking full advantage of your collaborative robot and are moving it around your shop to different stations. If each station has some […]

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Universal Robots Packages


Looking for a complete robot system that is ready to work right out of the box? Our Universal Robots Kits are just what you need. We have combined all of the most popular components and accessories into one package that can be purchased for one low price. A robot by itself is useless. It’s not […]

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