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SGP Pneumatic Gripper Kit – UR

The Pneumatic SGP High Precision Gripper Kit for Universal Robots by EMI is a double-acting parallel gripper ideal for high precision applications such as insert loading or pick-and-place applications that require a high level of accuracy. With blank finger-mounting jaws, the possibilities are virtually endless with the ability to use
custom fingers that fit your exact application. Kit Includes:

  • Gimatic SGP-32S Two Jaw Pneumatic Gripper
    • Opening Force @ 87psi : 30lbf
    • Closing Force @ 87psi:  27lbf
    • Stroke:  8mm
  • 5/2 Solenoid Valve
  • Mid Stroke Inductive Sensor
  • Cable Management Strap
  • UR Caps Dongle

Note: Gripper fingers are not included. Contact CobotDepot for custom gripper fingers.