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I/O Simulator

Testing and troubleshooting robot programs that have digital inputs and outputs is very difficult to do unless all of the IO is hooked up. In a lot of cases, that is just not practical. That’s where this cool I/O simulator form Olympus Controls come in. This system allows you to hook up to any 24V robot and simulate digital and anolog inputs and outputs. With this simulator you can now run and troubleshoot complete robot programs without the hassle of hooking up all of your field devices. You can now build robot applications and have confidence they work before hooking everything up.

These I/O simulators are also great for teaching new users about robot programming. Students can go through the process of hooking up the simulator, creating programming logic based on inputs and immediately see the output.

We offer two versions of the Simulator.

Full Control

    • 8 Digital Inputs
      • 4 Toggle Switches
      • 4 Push Button
    • 8 Digital Output LED’s
    • 2 Analog Inputs
    • Industrial DB25 connector with cable (flying leads)


    • 4 Digital Inputs
      • 2 Toggle Switches
      • 2 Push Button
    • 4 Digital Output LED’s
    • Industrial DB25 connector with cable (flying leads)


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